We will never tell you where your loyalties must lie,
but we do recommend you choose early!

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Choose your allies carefully.
You never know when they intend betraying you.

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Enjoy playing with your friends,
and claim territories for your fleet with pride!

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Register your team

Pay attention to the
Star Trek Online PvP Forums

Things to Remember!

  • Read through the tournament announcement carefully.
  • Pay attention to the day and time.
  • Speak to an organiser is you are not sure.
  • Register on the drkfrontiers's STO fansite to participate.
  • After each tournament be sure to speak to an organiser to claim your rewards!

Keep an eye out for the Tournaments!

STO Frontlines is a light-weight version of territory control created for you by a member of the PvP community!

Perhaps you are wondering how on earth such a complex system could exist without some serious development, but I believe that STO Frontlines offers an alternative means by which we could begin to dream of the day, when territory control is officially incorporated into Star Trek Online!

Everything in STO Frontlines revolves around well-organized tournaments and events, the results of which are reported to the Gamemasters (drkfrontiers) at the end of the match.

Build your Systems

STO Frontlines is much more than just your typical tournament where, if you are not prepared the axe has fallen before you have even started.

Tournaments, which can consist of various ground and space challenges, comprise only a portion of the goal.

The other important undertaking of territory control is the careful management of the systems loyal to you, and the development of alliances with other fleets and factions. Here the Senate, can help factions create stronger alliances within their own ranks, as well as foster stronger ties with other factions.

It challenges players to carefully consider their every move, based on strategic necessity and opportunity cost, as well as safeguarding the defenses of the multitude of systems which will fight beneath your banner.